Influencer Marketing Agency - en pointe
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en pointe is mixing up India’s static sponsored content scene — gathering social influencers together with a variety of leading brands to create genuine content that people want to see. We host collective experiences for influencers to engage with products and services in a chill way and capture streams of professional content as it happens. We’re kissing lifeless content goodbye and shifting the industry towards something more authentic.

Our team was behind Deli Stories, an influencer concept that showcased Amsterdam’s top bloggers and brands checking out the coolest hot-spots around the city. It was here that we found successful, explosive content can be just as organic and cool as it is professional and strategic. Our concept has evolved to become travel & event-driven – In India, we engage with brands more than the global average so it’s time for us to bring this experience-driven content into focus. We’re redefining the story sponsored content should tell.



Incorporate your brand

Mingle in our days and showcase your brand in a cool way that steps outside the norm.

Mix things up

With multiple influencers there will always be a variety of unconventionally creative content to play with.

Elevate engagement

Integrate trials of your services into our experiences and you’ve got an offbeat way to attract consumers.

Keep things natural

Engage in brand marketing with creatives that are not briefed — keeping content as real as possible.

Let it flow

We design experiences with multiple brands from different industries to cultivate product placement which is no longer static.

Reach new targets

Collaborate with creatives in such a way that will interest a new, desired audience.

Add fresh aesthetics

Give your creative eye up to us and the influencers that will create content in their own way.

Make it enjoyable

When influencers are having fun it shows in the content that they push.


It makes no difference if you’re into fashion, food, or travel. Social influencing is where we live and it’s what we know best. We understand that producing branded content can be monotonous. Your job is meant to be fun so let’s keep it that way. Leave it to us to bring you in on the interactive takeover and create a strategy that will maximize your following organically.


We take care of the dirty work so that you are free to have fun, get pampered, and build new relationships with other creatives in the industry. Think of us as your managers, local production house, and friends. It won’t feel like work. We promise ideal brand hook-ups targeted for your personal vibe, high-quality content to push across your social channels, and a good time.

Professional Production

With access to professional videographers and photographers — you’ll walk away from our experiences with high-quality content that your followers will love.

Explosive Visibility

Amplify your following and reach by co-sharing experiences together with the country’s leading influencers and brands for joint exposure.

Exclusive Brands

Create original content for more than one brand at once without the headache of organizing each of the deals for yourself.

Build Relationships

Stay away from one-off events and contractual partnerships with brands by forming lasting, long-term relationships.

Authentic Content

Give your social channels a break from basic sponsored content and enjoy the experience of creating in a natural way.

Monetize Your Experience

This is a paid gig — not just another opportunity for free products and service trials.


Influencer marketing works because it conveys trust. We know how to make this trust rub off on your products and services. With handfuls of brands from different industries joining in at once — we mix up who participates in each experience so that competition is never a thing. It’s a carefree chance for top and emerging influencers to experience brands from fashion, beauty, tech and everything in between while you gain value through explosive content.


We bring groups of influencers together to experience and trial your products or services in laid back environments that feel more like a hangout than a work event. Collectively they share real-time brand stories to an engaged audience. Whether it is your team or ours we will create an environment which will showcase your brand in a refreshing, shareable way. Take your social campaigns to the next level and drive the right kind of audience with influencers that have power in their niche circle.

Be Stress-Free

Cut out the middleman. We act as a full-service production house and agency with seamless end-to-end execution.

Rewrite The Norm

Create a new perspective on influencer marketing and offer consumers original content with fresh faces that they want to see take on brand advertising.

Cut Costs

Gain budget-friendly opportunities to work with multiple influencers at once for effective brand advocacy with your desired conversions.

Establish Influencer Relationships

Form a tribe of influencers that genuinely love and support your brand on a consistent, long-term basis.

Extend Reach

You'll reach large and targeted collective audiences while sharing real-time brand stories across multi-channel content streams.

Build Trust

When you work with influencers that resonate with your target audience, it improves your brand’s ability to win over their hearts and minds.


en pointe was born from its mother company, Perspective, a design agency with a focus on innovative development, beautiful and functional, user friendly design. Together the two can bring your influencer marketing campaigns and brand identity to the next level — From integrated mobile solutions and overall graphic, UI direction to landing pages and micro-sites. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the digital and social space, it’s imperative to create eye catching and long-living distinction.


Our international team is rooted in the social media scene. We know the ins and outs of the influencer landscape around the world. From strategy and development to content creation and execution. Matching relevant influencers to brands is our thing. Keeping things fresh and original — We want influencers and brands to expand their reach, stay relevant, and kick back while doing it.

Anna Kolk

An internationally minded entrepreneur and the creator of the concept. Her background is rooted in digital design, branding, and retail. Working with top bloggers in Europe since early 2010 — Anna knows what’s up in the influencer world.